Digital Varsity FAQ’s

There are different qualifications for specific courses. We advise you send your academic certificates to for advice.

Fee is standard for all students but the application fee is US dollars 50 foreign students

  • Unit registration has deadlines. All students are required to register for units on offer for a particular semester / trimester at the beginning of the semester within the first four weeks upon payment of 30% of the semester / trimester fees. The purpose of online unit registration is for the university to be able to plan for the semester / trimester which if not adhered to will inconvenience other processes in the University.
  • For digital varsity students, notes and other student materials can only be accessed upon registration of units. It is therefore, necessary that registration is done at the beginning of the semester and not every time.

Automatic message once the applicant is ticked admissible as long as the applicant has given the correct mobile phone number.