Why Digital Learning

Digital Varsity is driven by the global advancement in technology and students’ demand for higher education with quality learning, innovative teaching mechanisms, flexibility and convenience

Online students access the university resources and self learning materials and modules online hence reduces cost of learning

Online registration provides convenience and comfort

Fully web based integrated students management and Digital Learning systems and library e-resources that allow access to university education and resources.

The university uses the world approved digital learning platform and resources are arranged in an easier and convenient manner allowing access and can access through any ICT gadget and mobile phones and smart technologies

Print and CDS learning materials and blended learning and communication through Skype to assist the remotely located students.

They sit for exams at Kenyan embassies and university approved examination centres

E-library integrated to allow students to access the university library resources

Student Services/Support
University facilitates learners orientation to prepare them to undertake ODEL programmes
Residential sessions-to support the students technical subjects
Pre-counseling and post counseling services-both academic and non academic services
Assessment procedure-the university has in place elaborate assessment procedures that supports learners to achieve results and communicate results to learners online
Students CATS and Exam results and students clearance are posted and conducted online through the students management information and Digital Learning Management Systems.
Students’ evaluation-the university ensures that the evaluation and assessment of students meet the objectives and learning outcomes of the curriculum and objectives of the learners and the world of work.(capture students academic life experience through the Digital Platform-Daniel Ekuwom-BDS AND Masters in Supplies and Procurement
Staff Support
Orientation and training on the self learning materials development and design
Audio visual content
The department of Journalism provides support in development of the audio visual content.
Quality assurance
The online evaluation and weekly monitoring of the teaching by the online lecturers-schedule
Training manuals
The university conducts appropriate orientation and training on requirements, skills and strategies of developing learning materials for open and distance learning by use of facilitation and training manuals.
Orientation of course Tutors
The university ensures appropriate orientation to course tutors/lecturers and counselors by expert trainers on ODEL system
Orientation of Staff
University ensures appropriate orientation of the non academic staff. The university academic schools have made their courses available on the digital platform.
They interact with their online instructors and fellow students through the digital varsity platform and submit their cats and assignments online.
They access the self learning materials and modules online through the Digital Learning management system
Academic, Non Academic, Administrative and Technical support services provided to digital varsity students.
Academic mentorship and counseling services coordinated and provided by the respective program leaders and academic Virtual coordinators in conjunction with the Department Heads and Deans.
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