Student Experience


One of my dreams during my school days was to attain at least an academic degree certificate.

After graduating with a diploma certificate, form Mombasa Polytechnic (currently Technical University of Mombasa), I was involved in an accident during which I got facial injuries that left me with visual impairment.

My dream was shuttered as it became extremely difficult to further my studies due to my condition:

Acquiring a disability at a later age makes things difficult since one has to start with the process of rehabilitation including learning how to use brail and other assistive devices. There are also additional costs such as those of always having someone as a guide, a driver if one has a car, and the list is endless.

 These factors makes life unbearable and as much as I wanted to improve on my education, things were all looking impossible. With the advancement of Technology, I tried to search for online courses to pursue my dream. The only reputable institutions I could get were International Universities whose fees was out of reach.

 I, however, did not stop dreaming and I continued searching for a local university and in the year 2014, I learnt that The Mount Kenya University was offering Online courses that were of interest to me. In 2015, I enrolled and I am currently in my fourth year.

I thank God for MKU as I am now seeing my long vision come true.

I am comfortable with my studies, I am able to access all teaching &learning resources, do tackle my course, just like any other student, I sit for my exams in my exam center with the other students.

It is amazing that few of my fellow students and lecturers hardly know that I am visually impaired.

Having this opportunity to pursue my dream comfortably in my situation makes me excited and has improved on my personal growth.

With the Mount Kenya University digital platform, the sky is not the limit but “An Ice Bag”

Thank you MKU for coming up with the digital learning option.

Mary Muthuri Ngito

Works for the Jomo Kenyatta Foundation